Sunday, July 27, 2008

#3: Why Me!!???

I knew I had another chewing gum shot I wanted to add to that previous post.  Here it is.  This poor girl got ripped in her posters.  She's an anchor of a morning news show.  Which brings up the topic of who gets defaced and who doesn't.  

Once you start paying attention to one thing in your surroundings, you quickly begin to see patterns.  

I learned that some celebrities NEVER get their posters messed with.  I studied the phenomenon and came to realize that the cooler the celeb is, the more "street cred" the person has, the lesser the chances of getting their face altered in a NYC subway poster.  People like sport athletes, especially NBA and NFL players, can have a poster for a month, promoting shoes or TV shows, and not a single scratch on them.  Instead, a morning news anchor with a cheesy poster saying "I'm jolly and fun, so please watch my show", will definitely ALWAYS get plastered with this kind of art.  And there are other patterns or reasons for who gets it and who doesn't.  

So there is some social comment here.  It's not just simple goofiness.


Anonymous said...

Marcelo this idea is fantastic my friend if you're open to collaborations if I see something funny I will send it your way!

Keep it up.

HowISee said...

Thanks, a few people have mentioned about sending me pictures. That's great.
Don't forget to get creative with how you take those pictures. It'll add another layer of creativity to the process. :)