Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#6: What would Freud say?

It's such a childish thing to giggle at drawings of penises but, "what the hell" I say, "go ahead and giggle, dammit!!"  There's a lot of shit to worry about in life, so if a stupid doodle of male genitalia makes me laugh, so be it!  I'll take a good reason to smile anytime.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#5: 100% Pure

deface |diˈfās|  verb [ trans. ]

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French desfacier, from des- (expressing removal) + face ‘face.’

Tools:  blade, exacto knife, box cutter, house keys.

I began to notice this technique about a year ago.  I can't say it's "new", but it has certainly become trendy these days.  At first I only saw simple ideas, like the cutouts shown here.  But the concept has evolved.

It's wonderful because many times it exposes pieces of the old poster that was hidden underneath.  To me, the holes seem like a sort of time portal (active imagination required), or a kind of guessing game: "Can you recognize the old poster from this little cutout?".

I do feel them to be a bit more aggressive than a mustache or a blackened tooth.  You're stripping away that person's face.  It makes for a stronger statement, I think.