Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#21: Le Paris Metropolitain!

Let's make this clear, this blog is about the New York City Subway.  But!… I had the chance to ride the Paris Metro this Xmas!  The one in France, that is.  And of course I just had to explore their poster defacings, because… well… because they were there!!

They don't seem as common as in NYC, but you do find them often.  However, even though I spent several days in the city, it was really hard to find something that matched the level of the great work I've found here, some of which is represented in this blog.  I didn't find much humor in them either, but then again, the french aren't exactly known for being funny.

So here's a sample of the ones I liked the most.

You know, I did spend a few days in London too, but I have to report that this kind of art is almost nonexistent there.  At least I couldn't find any.  It's probably related to the fact that London is blanketed with security cameras.  I saw cameras everywhere in the Tube stations.  Damn you Big Brother!!