Monday, May 24, 2010

#25: Le Mustache II

Will the real defacer please stand up, please stand up.

Last week, a friend emailed me about these funny mustaches that she had seen in the 49th St station on the N train.  The defacer wrote the word "mustache" with the drawing itself.

A couple of days later, two different friends sent me photos of those mustaches that they found somewhere.

And then this weekend I found them in two different stations by the Lower East Side area.

Is this the work of a single defacer??  Or are some of these the work of copycats repeating his/her design around town?? hmm…  If we had security cameras in the subway like they do in London, we could find out.  But... if they did have cameras we probably wouldn't have any of this wonderful art!! …like in London!!  

This post marks the first time I include photos that are not mine.  I've always made the point of posting my photography only.  Thank you Emily for the email, thank you Monica and Lou for the photos.

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